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We at are offering huge savings on top of the line designer sunglasses, and designer optical frames. These are the same frames that are seen at your local Optical Shop or Optometrist's/Ophthamologist's office.

No membership fees for our charter members. Top quality frames at incredible discounts!

Almost any frame you see, we can get for you.

What you have to do!

Let us know the frame name, model number, style, color, size, and temple length.

Go to your local Optical Shop, or Optometrist's/Ophthalmologist's office, and pick out a frame that you like. Have the optician that is helping you write down all of the information listed below:



Frame Name:     

Model Number:

Color or Number for Color:

Eye Size:

Bridge Size:

Temple Length:


Giorgio Armani







All of these numbers are located on the inside temples pieces (the long piece that fits behind the ears, and on the inside piece that fits on the nose.

When you get all of these frame identification marks, then fax, Email, or mail us the information. We will respond back to you, by fax, mail, Email, or phone, for a price quote. If you like our price and want to order the frame, then proceed to place an order by pressing the order form button.

After you receive the frame from us, then take the frame and your eyeglass prescription to your local Optical Shop or Optometrist's/Ophthamologist's office. There the optician will measure your P.D. and adjust the frame. Have the optician take the measurements and put the ophthalmic lenses in place.

All we do at is get the ophthalmic frame for you. You still need to put opthalmic lenses into the frame.

All Sunglasses do come with opthalmic plano lenses.

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